About Us


Climate Officials is a directory, review and news platform dedicated to supporting Climate Change supporters and creating awareness. We are a member of the The Center for Social Innovation and Climate Ventures in Toronto, Canada.



Awareness: We have a highly experienced in house digital marketing team that creates viral  in house content promoted across all major media platforms. We dedicate a large percentage of our monthly revenue to growing our audience and supporting climate officials members.



We feel businesses and politicians have the most effect on climate change. It is our goal to discover who they are and support them on their missions. We help change makers with fundraising, events, marketing support and more. 



We provide Non Profits and Environmental causes free priority listings, fundraising and marketing services. We also donate our time, experience, influence and resources where possible. 



We work with non profits and climate groups like one tree planted to dedicate local support and influence. We are looking for dedicated climate officials to help us get the message out in local communities.