Programs & Partnerships


ClimateOfficials is building programs and partnerships to provide solutions so members can improve and grow their businesses while reducing their environmental impact. 

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Global Reforestation


It’s Official, 1.3 million trees were planted by our partner in 2018!  

One Tree Planted is an environmental charity dedicated to making it easier for individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, fight climate change, protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts around the world. 

All by planting trees! 

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Green impact investing


We work with investment firms and wealth managers who provide investment strategies that align with your individual investment values based on environmental impact. We have several highly qualified and certified partners that will make sure your investments are not harming the planet and hopefully helping! 

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Schools &


We work with schools and teachers to provide a full suite of environmental and climate awareness programs. We have complete programs and packages that are easy to implement and include learning materials that engage and excite students in creative and fun ways. We set up community based programs like tree planting which educates on deforestation and the impacts on wildlife and communities while raising funds for reforestation. We can also help your school reduce your environmental footprint with the support of students and staff. 

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Oceans & Water


We are working with individuals and groups that create awareness and programs to help protect and clean the oceans and water of the planet.  Our programs and partners help educate teachers, students, business and individuals who can get involved and help affect change and awareness. es. 

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Restaurants &  Food Service 


Climate Official works with groups that certifies restaurants in sustainability and offers practical, pragmatic strategies to help them lower their environmental impact. If you are a group, business or individual that helps the food industry reduce environmental impact we would like to work with you. 

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Fashion & Logistics


We are looking for fashion Influencers and business to help create climate awareness in the industry. The global fashion sector significantly increased momentum to address climate change by launching the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action — in which leading brands, retailers, supplier organizations and a major shipping company, among others, have agreed to collectively address the climate impact of the fashion sector across its entire value chain.

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Influencers & Groups


If you are an environmental or climate change influencer we would like to work with you!  We need to help our members and our network grow and create awareness. Please contact us and let’s work together. 

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